Emergence Cyber Event Protection

While technology makes the economy more efficient, it opens up opportunities for hackers, criminals and malicious acts by known people, such as disgruntled employees. This increases the risk of cyber attacks. Businesses increasingly rely on the interconnectivity and convenience of hardware, data storage, cloud solutions and managing data.

This increased dependency creates an environment where predicting and preventing potential cyber attacks is difficult.

Who is Emergence

“Emergence is an innovative provider of insurance products and related services for new and emerging risks. Our business is built on identifying these emerging risks and working together with customers, subject matter experts and reinsurers to create tailored products and put them within the reach of small and medium business and individual customers alike.” Source emergenceinsurance.com.au

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compare  Business Interruption Loss

compare  Business Interruption Loss – External Suppliers Business

compare  Cyber Extortion

compare  Electronic Data Replacement

compare  Third Party Loss – Security and Privacy Liability

compare  Third Party Loss – Defence Costs

compare  Third Party Loss – Regulatory Breach Liability

compare  Crisis Management Expenses

compare  Notification and Monitoring Expenses

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